Embrace eco-living with Silpakarman: 5 Simple ways to make a difference

Embrace eco-living with Silpakarman: 5 Simple ways to make a difference

Embrace Eco-Living with Silpakarman: 5 Simple Ways to Make a Difference

In a world where environmental sustainability is no more a choice but the need of the hour, many eco-conscious enthusiasts are often clueless when it comes to beginning their eco-lifestyle journey. 

And it’s for clueless yet passionate souls like you, that we have written this blog, where we'll explore five practical ways along with a weekly format that will help you adopt sustainable habits and methods. 

  1. Start Small. Ditch Single Use Plastic 

The key is to make sustainability a habit. Do not overwhelm your senses by adopting every other eco-living fad that pops on the media or community. If you are a newbie, consider making small switches on a daily basis. Start with eliminating all the Single Use Plastic Drama. 

Week 1: Switch to Cloth Made Bags For Grocery Shopping

Preferably made from biodegradable fabrics, and 

Week 2: Carry Reusable Dining Essentials Whenever You Step Out  

Wherever and whenever possible. Cut out single use plastic out of your life by adopting rewashable spoons, bottles, and glasses. Steel Cutlery are a popular pick but however if you are looking for lightweight options, you can also try our extensive collection of bamboo mugs & cutlery.  

  1. Conserve Energy at Home

One of the simplest ways to live sustainably is by reducing energy consumption and minimising waste. 

Use energy-efficient appliances, turn off lights and electronics when not in use, and consider installing solar panels on the roof, and bamboo curtains to improve insulation in your home, thereby reducing heating and cooling costs. 

Our range of Bamboo curtains not only look elegant but also help in maintaining a comfortable temperature inside, making them a practical addition to your eco-friendly lifestyle.

  1. Purchase With Intention

Cross question yourself every time the impulse of buying something fancy hits your mind- “Do I really need this?” 

Chances are you don’t most of the time. But the impulse is going to be strong. Reminding yourself why you even started out on this journey works pretty well. Keep your convictions strong!

However for things that you really need, make sure to do a rough thinking on the carbon impact it could have on the planet. Is it biodegradable? Is the product supporting and treating the workforce behind? 

  1. Turn Towards Products That Walk In With Nature 

A good rule of thumb that you can rarely go wrong with when starting your sustainable journey is to buy products that aren’t processed much. That is they are born from nature, and its chemical properties are generally left untouched or unmodified in an unethical way. 

Plastic made furniture and appliances are quite popular in many households owing to its lightweight nature, and easy to carry functionality. It could be the coffee tables, the laptop desks and much more. 

We at Silpakarman had realised this gap, and to help people make better ethical choices developed a range of bamboo furniture that are equally durable, comparatively lightweight and offer far more aesthetic depth to the living space. 

  1. Research And Stay Informed

The journey of eco-living is an ongoing process. Stay informed about the latest environmental developments, sustainable products, and innovative solutions by following your favourite eco warriors on social media or munching on easy to digest sustainable documentaries on OTT platforms and Youtube. 

 Keep researching and expanding your knowledge to make more informed choices.

By following these practical steps and incorporating Silpakarman's eco-friendly products into your life, you can begin your eco-lifestyle journey with confidence and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world. Remember, every small change you make has a positive impact on the planet.

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