Unakoti: Where Devas and Lord Shiva Converge

Unakoti: Where Devas and Lord Shiva Converge

Silpakarman embraces the essence of Tripura, a state nestled in northeastern India, renowned for its lush green landscapes and rich cultural heritage. Our brand, rooted in the region's vibrant history, draws inspiration from the popular story of Unakoti, a place where celestial beings and Lord Shiva intersect.

Unakoti: A Divine Tale 

According to the ancient story, a group of devas (celestial beings) were on a journey to attain immortality by witnessing the wedding of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Determined to reach their destination, they followed Lord Shiva, who was leading the entourage toward Mount Kailash.

As they traveled, they encountered the stunning landscapes of Tripura, where they decided to rest for the night. Lord Shiva instructed them to wake up at dawn and continue their journey, warning that those who fell behind would turn into stone.

However, when morning broke, the devas overslept, and Lord Shiva, true to his word, embarked on the final leg of the journey alone. As the sun rose, the devas woke up, realizing they had missed their chance. They were left just short of their goal, and thus, the name "Unakoti," translating to "one less than a crore," signifies their journey and the divine presence that envelops the region.


Embracing Local Culture:

At Silpakarman, we celebrate the cultural and religious significance of Unakoti. Our brand draws inspiration from the stunning rock carvings and sculptures scattered across the Unakoti hills, depicting various Hindu deities and mythological scenes. These ancient carvings, believed to be crafted by Lord Shiva himself, serve as a reminder of our spiritual heritage.

By embracing the story of Unakoti, we aim to highlight the rich cultural tapestry of Tripura and promote sustainable practices that honor the environment and local communities. Our tagline, "Place, People, Product," reflects our commitment to celebrating the beauty of our place, valuing the craftsmanship of our people, and delivering exceptional products rooted in our cultural heritage.

Join us on this journey as we explore the enchanting world of Unakoti, where devas and Lord Shiva converge. Let Silpakarman be your guide to discovering the rich cultural heritage of Tripura, one story and product at a time. Together, we can celebrate the uniqueness of our place, the talent of our people, and the beauty of our handcrafted products.

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