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Bamboo Mat Wall Hanging

Bamboo Mat Wall Hanging

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This handmade, handpainted Bamboo Mat Wall Hanging is a beautiful and unique decorative piece for any home. Crafted by artisans in Tripura, this wall hanging is made of natural bamboo mat and is perfect for adding a touch of traditional Indian culture to any home. This wall hanging is the perfect way to brighten up any space and make it feel like a part of the artisan's home.

  • Handmade bamboo mats, stitched into bamboo wall hangings.
  • Handpainted by the artisan.
  • Set of two bamboo mat wall hangings: day and night each.
  • Height : 61 inches, Breath: 12 inches.
  • Made from Bamboo sticks and cotton threads.
  • When dirty simply run through water and dry in sun. To remove a stain, take some liquid detergent in a damp cloth and lightly rub over the surface

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