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Poseidon Theme Bamboo Tea Gift Set

Poseidon Theme Bamboo Tea Gift Set

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Color-coded by Silpakarman brings to you all the elements of bamboo. The gift set affects all your senses and brings to you the story of the Greek god Poseidon. Poseidon is the Greek god of the sea and represents wisdom, knowledge, and intellect. The gift set is a curated bamboo box with handmade bamboo teacups engraved with the symbol of Poseidon and a pack of bamboo tea with a bamboo measuring spoon.

·       Bamboo mat box - Poseidon Theme

·       Bamboo 4-inch engraved Kulhad

·       Bamboo leaves tea 50 gms pack

·       The pack comes with a measuring bamboo spoon. One spoonful for one cup of tea (60-70 ml). One tea for your health and beauty.

BeYouTea is a unique blend of different species of bamboo leaves. The tea contains nutrients like silica, zinc, protein, calcium, iron, copper, antioxidants, and more.

  • Silica gives you stronger hair, healthier nails, and skin.
  • Iron and copper together beat anemia.
  • Zinc gives you better immunity.
  • Calcium and silica together mean stronger bones.
  • Protein for stronger muscles
  • Antioxidants for an active, healthier body.
  • Handmade artisanal tea that empowers rural livelihood.


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